Thursday, October 31, 2013

salmon with a side of steel

The fishing continued to be quite steady on the Winooski for a little while longer, producing two more salmon over 24" and a small cookie-cutter steelie.  Had more shake off than I'd like to admit....

25" hen on the swing!

22" male who tried to take a bite out of me!

Fresh chrome!
One of my favorite pictures in one of my favorite spots.....I don't think I had a hookup on this day, but the scenery was well worth it!

Unfortunately, the lack of rain made the fishing slow right down.  The flows were at record lows, and the fish didn't seem to be in the usual spots.  I think they were in the deep rocky canals that were pretty much impossible to fish because of the turbine pumping out water so fast.

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  1. Hey Matt, good work man! Great blog, really enjoy it as I know the area well. Looking at the pics, I may have seen you at the hole one day. I think you were nymphing and another guy with you had a spinning rod, you were wading just before the riffles. Anyways, I just got into fly fishing, and was wondering if you do lessons . . . if not, want to start? Ha ha! I need help on my casting, to start, as I've bled YouTube clean on the subject. I think the salmon holes a great place, lots of casting room. Please let me know either way.