Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back to the Mad

I had a free weekend, and invited my buddy Jerry to go check out some more water on the Mad with me - he found some time to sneak out for a Saturday and we arrived early in the morning. 

It was great exploring some water I didn't fish last time - and I wish we had more time to fish but we had limited time.  I managed to get yet another beastly bow within the first hour, I couldn't believe it!!  It had taken a hares ear dropper swung slowly through a deep tailout.

After the big one, a few small ones were landed but things died off quickly.  We headed to another stretch of water and neither of us got any love.  Something had shut the fish off, and we were scratching our heads over it.  Well, sometimes you've just to go know when to give up, so we headed home before noon. 

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