Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Poking around

With such high water this Spring, I've had a hard time finding fishable water, thus having to, "poke" around more. 

A few weekends ago, I was pleased to hear that my girlfriend wanted to get out on some water with me, even if she didn't fish much.  It had rained overnight, and bumped most of the rivers up even more. The first stream was high and dirty.  I tried throwing every bug I had, but I think the fish were hunkered down closer to bottom.  Still having spin gear, I set a rod up for my girlfriend to drift a crawler.  Within 5 minutes, this brookie was  jumping all over the place - on the end of her line!

A few other fish showed interest, but refused to stay on the line.  We left that stream and headed for something a little bigger.  We arrived to find out that the river was blown, and full-on chocolate milk mode...bummer....I knew there wouldn't be anything else worth checking out after seeing this one so bad.  We headed home, happy with at least one fish.

The following weekend was looking better, so we headed back out.  This time, I managed a little colorful brown on the small stream.  After that, we headed to some bigger water.  The water was still off-color and high.   There wasn't much I could do with flies.  I tried big streamers low and slow, then nymphs.  The conflicting currents made things difficult.  Katlyn had no problem though, and started out by landing this beautiful rainbow!
Alright, not the best picture...but we had a little fumble and we couldn't get a grip'n'grin of her and her fish.

A little while after, she hooked up again, and this time there was no mistaking the fish was big.  It took a hard, long run and then popped off.  We were both bummed!

Of course, it happened yet again probably 20 minutes later, this time a fish just as big as the first.  Getting ready to net it and it turned and waved goodbye.  A simple roll and the size 14 barbless hook popped...argh!

I was outfished but was really happy she landed such a great fish!

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