Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Surprise brookies

This past weekend Jerry wanted to get out on some water - and so did I.  It's the middle of June but the streams and brooks are still running cold.  Even the Winooski is ranging from 56-61!  Good for the fish for sure. 

We decided to take my car since his jeep was having troubles and didn't end up leaving my house until 9:30 ish...oh well.  I knew the spot I wanted to fish wouldn't be bothered by any other angler - I've never seen anyone fish it.  It's come to be my favorite little trout hole.  Jerry and I have both caught quite the amount of fish from the stream in the past, and that day was no different.

Jerry started things off with a bang by landing this brookie!

After that, it was my turn!  I drifted a black stone with a hares ear dropper through the same pool and had a tight line pretty quick.

Ugh, so pretty!

These fish were an awesome surprise since we almost always only get bows and browns in this water.  The first time we fished a few years back it was the best - we both landed a collective 20-ish trout...from just two big plunge pools!  Only one was a brookie.  This time was the opposite, all of our fish seemed to be brookies.  No complaning from me though, it was awesome. 

The fishing slowed down in the afternoon, and we opted to go and fish some little Winooski tribs in search of more brookies with hopes of some pretty big bows and browns that are known to reside in those waters. 

Upon leaving, Jerry ended up stepping on a board with a bunch of nails sticking out of it!!  Went through his boot, wader, and into his foot!  Ugh, it sucked!!!  Our options were limited in terms of water, but he was a champ and still wanted to fish even though he had a hole in his foot from a rusty nail.  Lucky he's up to date on his tetanus shot and I had a first aid kid in the trunk of my car!  We went to the same trib I had landed a big wild brown in last year but it was loaded with people swimming - ugh.  We opted to fish upstream but things didn't look too great.  We hiked for a while but didn't feel any tugs or even spook any in the crystal clear water.  We left that area and hit a different trib, but this time Jerry was at his limit.  We only fished a bit upstream of this trib.  The water was crystal clear which made things tough.  It didn't seem like it held many fish(at least in the lower part, I'd have loved to see what it was like upstream!), we ended up only spooking one which was probably the only one in that section of water.  We ended the day early and came back home.  The morning was just awesome, and I'm glad we both got some quality brookies from one of my favorite spots to fish!!

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