Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going stir-crazy from rain

This relentless rain has put a big dent in my 4-day weekend I had planned.  The girlfriend and I had plans to go camping but wanted to cancel because of rain.  After finally getting ahold of someone on Wednesday, we find out that not only can we NOT switch our camp dates, but we can't get any kind of a refund.  Feeling obligated to at least try to go in the rain since we paid a good chunk of change,  we packed the car and left Thursday after work.  Got setup in a few hours, gazebo, food and other items in plastic rainproof bins, then came setting up our brand new $200 tent.  It was relatively easy, and very spacious.  We could stand in the tent wherever we were, and it was huge!  We were happy, but a bathroom trip late at night lead to disaster.  Before exiting the tent I stepped in a puddle.  I shined the light on the spot, and realized it was pretty big.  I then scanned throughout the tent to find that almost every seam was leaking!

Needless to say, I spent an hour throwing a tarp over our new "waterproof" tent in a heavy downpour.  After I cooled off mentally, and warmed up physically, we decided to promptly leave in the morning, rain or not.

It was ruthless packing up everything while it was pouring, but we did it and headed home.  It was Friday afternoon and I was hoping to make plans for the weekend to finally chase some brookies or small stream trout.

The weather obviously had other plans.  By Friday night, the rivers started to blow out.  I knew it would be a slow, boring, wet, fish-less weekend...agh!!

So what can one do in such a predicament?  Sit at the tying bench of course!  I decided to tie up a few clousers and pike flies since it's been a while.  I've had the most action on red and white so I'll probably keep tying up some red and white variations of clousers and other patterns until I'm satisfied, then switch to another color.  I also took advantage of the downtime and did some cleaning of my two larger reels, my Evo LT, and my Loop Opti as you can see in the background (they're sealed drag systems but the bearings can be pretty gritty after being submerged so much which I have a bad habit of doing).

Depending on how things are looking tomorrow, I should have either a post with rbookie pics, or pike.  Fingers are crossed!

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